Introduction Of Stamping Mold

.Stamping products has been extensively applied in the industry, agriculture, national defense and in the daily lives of area, especially in the machinery industry. Mechanical products is the most pressing housing products, and the improvement of product performance requires of high-quality performance stamping molds ,stamping,process and product design.

There are many ways of molding products of stamping. Piercing is mainly used for blanking, bending, stretching, etc. And Stamping molds almost form more than 60 percent of the total number. For example ,Electrical Control can be realized as semi-automatic or automatic operation.

Cold-metal stamping die mainly used for the molding products, and it is very important in the production of stamping technology devices. The basic component of stamping molds is block model from top to bottom, mould plate, fixed-plate of mould plate, die inserts, raising nails, I. plate

, plate unloading I. Introduction sets column, unloading bombs nail plate, plate Discharge and so on.


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